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Three Strikes
Glenn Dixon's Nero Wolfe Stories

The stories are meant to be read in the order they're listed below. They're available in MS Word, Adobe Acrobat, and Palm Reader formats. Most computers come with Acrobat reader installed, but you can get it for free at Palm Reader is available for PalmOS, PocketPC, Windows, and Mac from Peanut Press's Web site.

If you have any problems downloading or reading these stories, please send me a message at

You can learn a little more about Glenn Dixon at his site, There's a "Nero Wolfe" link on the left that will give you some background, and allow you send Glenn a message, if you wish.


StoryMS Word FormatAcrobat FormatPalm Reader Format
1. Welcome to Death (35,000 words, 85 pages)Download (216 Kb)Download (180 Kb) Download (100 Kb)
2. No Body (31,000 words, 75 pages)Download (209 Kb)Download (292 Kb)Download (87 Kb)
3. Not With A Whimper (80,000 words, 210 pages)Download (466 Kb)Download (453 Kb)Download (226 Kb)

Mr. Dixon has this to say about his family's reaction to his authorship:

My family members all view my writing with a certain bemusement ("Daddy wrote a book -- he's weird"). They are willing to put up with it as long as I keep taking out the garbage.

However, creativity in the Dixon family doesn't stop with Glenn. His daughter Heather wrote a Wolfe story of her own when she was sixteen. She called it The End of Nero Wolfe, and here it is:

StoryMS Word FormatAcrobat FormatPalm Reader Format
The End of Nero Wolfe by Heather Dixon (542 words, 3 pages)Download (25 Kb)Download (8 Kb)Download (3 Kb)


The Nero Wolfe mailing list conducted discussions of the Dixon stories during the summer of 2002. The texts of those discussions have been gathered and published here:

Introducing Glenn Dixon (20 Kb)
Welcome to Death Discussion (116 Kb)
No Body Discussion (78 Kb)
Not With A Whimper Discussion (158 Kb)